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How to Build a Network For Your Business

by Soft2share.com

Having a quick and well maintained computer network for your business can be the deciding factor in the quality of work your employees will be putting out. This is not your home network. Your connection has to be fast and have the ability to handle a large number of people browsing the internet all at once. You also might want to consider blocking certain websites with a firewall. Some say the average employee spends three hours a day checking social websites and browsing the net. That’s a lot of time, and your money, being wasted on frivolous activities. This guide will show you how to maintain a computer network and get the maximum amount of use from it.


The primary thing you need to consider is a router with high bandwidth. Most home routers only offer up to 100 megabits download speed. Your network will be handling dozens of people and will have to carry a far bigger load. Your computers need to also have gigabit Ethernet ports, luckily most new desktops have one.

You also might want to consider a dual band wireless network. If your entire business runs on one WiFi network it will greatly reduce the speed of the connection. It’s similar to a one lane road with multiple cars on it. With dual band wireless networks you can add more lanes to the road. This lets information flow more freely and wont slow down if multiple people are using it. When implementing this, be sure to include a guest network. If there are visitors to your company they may need to use your internet. If you do not want them accessing your businesses private network then it would behoove you to have a small separate line just for them.

Most businesses have a Quality of Service feature in their router that can differentiate between different types of data. If the network is overtaxed it will give priority for different files. An example would be maintaining voice data speeds so call quality is kept high while downloading files will be slowed down temporarily.

When purchasing a router make sure it has the ability to filter contact. Not only do you want your employees focused, but you also don’t want them accidentally visiting a website where they could download a virus that could infect the whole system. Most routers have this, but the higher end ones might have a subscritpion service. These services are constantly updated and filter websites by category instead of individual sites. This method is probably the most practical because, aside from the subscription fee, you don’t have to worry about it.

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