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How a Taxi Business can survive in the Uber Age? – A Solid plan for Cab companies

by Soft2share.com

Our world is gradually becoming digitized and its imprints are seen everywhere. Our technically advanced world is a virtual delight for our eyes.

The popular ride-hailing company (Uber) owns no taxis, the successful social media platforms owns no content (Facebook and Twitter), and the largest marketplace (Amazon) has no physical inventory.

The on-demand industry is filled with apps where we can get everything at our doorstep. It is no doubt that Uber made the taxi mobile app-culture popular among people.

If you’re starting a taxi business, it is an unwritten rule to own a mobile application for the same. You can try the ready-made white label solution like Uber clone to start up a taxi app. Let’s have a look at what one should include making his ride-hailing business a great success,

Convenience and Affordability

Customers prefer comfort over anything else. Of course, everyone prefers on-demand cab booking, where they can book a taxi in a few clicks. Therefore, the app should be developed with user-friendly features that enhance the convenience of the user.

Taking Advantage of Technology

Making use of the latest technology is pivotal to stay relevant in the field. You can include latest updates such as Security features, in-app call to both passenger and driver. It is a recently added feature in ride-hailing apps. To remain firm-footed in the competitive market, addition of such features is a must.


Investing in active marketing is essential to reach a wide customer base. Spending money on Google Ad words and Pay-Per-Click helps your website to have potential customers. Creating social media content and updating them regularly will also help.

The industry is flourishing with applications like Uber, Lyft, Gojek, Grab and so on. Though the industry is competitive, including the following approaches,

  • Active Marketing Strategies
  • Updated Technology
  • Putting the Customers First

These will help your business to stay ahead in the pack.

Where to get a customizable mobile application for your taxi business?

By getting clone apps, you can spend in your money wisely in other streams such as marketing and community building. Many companies are providing app development solutions and it is difficult to find the right app for your business. AppDupe, a leading company in developing customizable apps for business, offers Uber clone app with a variety of advanced features.

A taxi app is a single functionality of four different entities such as – Passenger App, Driver App, Admin Panel and Dispatcher Panel. Let’s have a look the latest features in each platform

Passenger App Features

  • Payment Modes
  • Scheduled Rides
  • Promo Codes
  • Push Notifications
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Ride History
  • Ratings
  • Smart Digital Wallet

Driver App Features

  • Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • Toggle Driver’s Availability
  • Earnings Tab
  • Transaction History
  • Desired Vehicle Option
  • SOS Button
  • Live Navigation

Admin Panel

  • Driver Verification
  • Sub-Admins
  • Document Verification
  • Earnings Report
  • Trip Report
  • Payment Details

Dispatcher Panel

  • Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • Trips Tracking
  • Managing Requests
  • Profile Creation
  • Reviews & Feedback

What are you waiting for? Enter the market with an advanced white labeled Uber clone app and start making a profit in no time.

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