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How Hearing Loss Impacts Quality of Life Among Adults

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Many of us take our hearing for granted, yet the reality is that as we continue to age, our risk of having hearing loss also increases. In fact, it is reported that one-third of all Americans over 65 will experience some level of hearing difficulty. Since hearing loss often occurs gradually, many people may not even be aware of their own level of hearing. Early detection is very important and modern hearing aids that are rechargeable can now easily provide relief to people who have hearing loss.


If you are a senior living with hearing loss, or if you know someone who is and you are curious to know how hearing loss affects them, here are a few of the more common ways…
Hearing loss can make it difficult to verbally communicate
One of the biggest challenges people with hearing loss face is having trouble following conversations. For instance, someone with hearing loss might find it difficult to understand what people are saying if they are speaking from another room or over the phone. Asking others to constantly repeat themselves becomes tiring after a while, and people with hearing loss will often pretend to follow conversations instead of actually being present in them.
Hearing loss can make it hard to watch television or listen to music
Noticing how loudly someone listens to music or watches TV is another indicator of hearing loss. If you or someone you know is constantly turning up the volume, hearing loss may be to blame. It is important to take note of how loud someone listens to the television or radio because it can be one of the most obvious warning signs that hearing loss is present. Additionally, individuals who have problematic hearing are also affected by secondary or background noises.
Hearing loss can make it hard to enjoy time with loved ones
People with hearing loss often have a hard time understanding the words women and children say because they tend to speak in a higher pitch. For someone who enjoys spending time with their grandchildren, or if they babysit them frequently, hearing loss can impact the kind of quality time that they are able to spend with their loved ones.
Hearing loss can cause frustration
Fun activities like going to the movies or seeing a concert can become a burden for someone who has hearing loss. Movies may be hard to follow and a front row seat may be needed to properly enjoy a concert, potentially causing further damage. Even still, hearing loss can often put a damper on certain happenings because someone may have a hard time following what is going on around them.
If you or someone you know may be experiencing hearing loss, make an appointment with a hearing care professional today. Though a person’s hearing loss cannot be cured, hearing devices can improve one’s lifestyle by lessening frustrations and making hearing easier. Miracle-Ear is a brand leader in hearing aids and has more than 1,200 locations nationwide. For more information on their products and services, visit Miracle-Ear.com.

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