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How can using Managed Print Services Reduce your Carbon Footprint?

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In an age when everyone is conscious of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s equally vital in the business arena. If you own a business, it doesn’t have to cost you money to do this, in fact it can also be a cost saving exercise.
Using a managed print service is one way of reducing business costs, while at the same time helping to reduce your carbon footprint. It helps to ensure that your business printing is efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Use of the latest equipment
If you’re using a managed print service then you will have access to a range of modern equipment. With the importance that is placed on the environment today, this equipment has all of the latest environmentally friendly technology on board. Having access to these up to date machines means that it’s possible for businesses to dispose of their obsolete technology. Regulations dictate that this disposal has to be done in a way that is not detrimental to the environment.
How many machines does a business actually need?
How often do businesses have printers which remain idle because there are not enough staff to warrant the amount of printers situated on the premises? This excess of equipment is not beneficial to the environment, or to the finances of the business. Using a managed print service gives a business access to statistics that accurately identify how many machines they actually require.
Do you really need to order toner?
Obviously you have to have toner in place for a printer to work but when do you need to order new toner? Prior to the existence of a managed print service there was no accurate way of predicting when replacement toner would be required. Now that situation has changed and a predictive mechanism is in place. This means that toner is not ordered unless it is necessary, reducing waste production and benefiting the environment.
An end to unwanted prints
How many times have people accidently pressed print and then had to dispose of the unwanted copy, or just abandon it on the printer? With pull printing this no longer happens. The printed copy is not produced until the user inputs a code at the printer and releases the print. Obviously, this vastly reduces the amount of paper that is wasted which in turn helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the business.
In a further attempt to reduce paper usage in businesses, machines are set to automatically print in duplex. It is generally perfectly acceptable for a document to be printed using both sides of the paper instead of just one.
Investing in a managed print service makes sense for a business. It reduces costs on items such as toner and paper and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the business by reducing the amount of wastage that takes place. It’s an obvious benefit both to the business and to the environment.

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