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Houston Foot and Ankle Care Services

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Foot and ankle problems can be caused by everyday situations such as improper footwear or due to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. If you experience acute or temporal foot and ankle pain you need diagnosis and treatment recommendations from the best foot doctor in Houston. There are several medical care services that the podiatrist offer including treating diagnosis and performing surgery. Here are some conditions that the best foot and ankle doctor in Houston will help you get through

  1. If you are starting to run regularly you are prone to pains such as shin splints and aches. The podiatrist will assess your body feet, identify potential problems, and recommend strategies you can use to avoid them. You will also get recommendations on the best type of athletic shoe to use for your foot and activities. 
  2. If you are experiencing joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, or swelling in the ankles and feet joints see a podiatrist. Most people suffer from arthritis that leads to joint pain, and it can also change the way the feet function and even lead to disability. The doctor will recommend treatments that will preserve the joints and make it easy to continue with your everyday activities.
  3. Diabetic patients are prone to foot problems. It can be from dry skin to severe infections. Seek Houston foot and ankle care once a year as part of your health care routine to avoid the risk of amputation due to diabetes complications. 
  4. Heel pain can be limiting, and several factors can cause heel pain. Some of the causes include a bony growth on the heel or the inflammation of the tendons that connect to the heel a podiatrist takes time to come up with a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. 
  5. Ingrown toenails can be uncomfortable and can be infected. The big toe is the most affected, you may notice the edges of the toenail being red that may even have lots of drainage. In severe cases, the doctor may remove part of the nail and prescribe medicine for infections around the area.
  6. Broken bones, sprains, and strains are treated by a podiatrist. They diagnose and treat the injury with the appropriate method including creating casts to speed up the healing of the area. If you experience swelling, redness, increased pain following an injury see a podiatrist. 
  7. Toe pain giving your toes an uncomfortable sensation. The toes are made up of blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons that might get injured or inflamed. Any pain-like sensations such as throbbing, tingling, or piercing sensation can be uncomfortable and sometimes put pressure on the toes. Toe pain accompanied by other symptoms may be an indication of serious underlying conditions. 
  8. Foot surgery is the last resort for many foot conditions. Podiatrists perform foot and ankle surgery on conditions such as bunions, broken bones, and recurring ingrown toenails among other conditions. 

This health care professional takes care of your ankle, foot, and some parts connecting to the leg. The feet are crucial to our day-to-day activities so we need to care for them. 

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