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Find the Best Trailer Accessories and More at RVupgrades

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There are many different types of recreational vehicles, from big class A motorhomes to the much smaller class B camper vans, and mid-sized class C RVs. But there are other options for intrepid travelers. Lots of people, especially full time RVers, like to have another vehicle for city driving and exploring because big RVs aren’t ideal for maneuvering narrow city streets. Sure, you can tow a car behind an RV and just unhitch it when you want to check out the latest town, but what about when you’re driving the RV? Towing a car behind a recreational vehicle can make the biggest RVs (the largest of which can be bus sized) seem even bigger. This doesn’t make for a relaxing drive, and you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving, so you want to be comfortable.

A towable trailer is the perfect solution. There are a few types: travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, and folding and tent trailers. It really depends on the individual traveling style and situation when it comes to making a decision on which is best for you. But if you’re looking for the size, amenities, and accessories of a standard motorhome in a towable trailer, and you currently own an open or flatbed truck, than a 5th wheel trailer just might be the best choice. These campers extend over the bed of the pick up truck and are connected to the vehicle vertically via what’s known as a 5th wheel hitch, rather than with the conventional horizontal connection that is used with travel trailers. These hitches make for more security and maneuverability when you’re driving, and the design creates extra sleeping and lounging space when you’re parked.

These trailers are constructed to feel very comfy, with open, bi-level floor plans and slide outs that give travelers tons of space. These are the kind of features that are especially important for those who RV full time – their trailer is home and it needs to feel that way. And the 5th wheel trailer just might be the ideal camper for people who love the outdoors and love a bit of luxury, too. Plush beds, full kitchens, and baths can transform the most rugged campsite into a suite. But what roadtrippers and year round RVers like best about these trailers is how secure and easy they can be to tow. Many have been specially designed to be very lightweight which makes for less work for the truck hauling the trailer, and it’s easier on the stress levels for the driver, too.

So, maybe you’ve narrowed everything down and purchased your 5th wheel trailer. There are still some things you might need before you’re ready for the road. If your trailer is new, it might come with every accessory that you could imagine, but if you’ve got a used vehicle, then you are going to need some supplies. Because this type of trailer must be towed behind a truck, a sturdy 5th wheel hitch to connect the vehicles securely is a must.

At RVupgrades, when it comes to the 5th wheel hitch, we stock the top sellers, including B&W, Demco, Pullrite and more. We also carry lots of mounting kits and covers. We have a large selection and, most importantly, we know just about everything there is to know about RVs, 5th wheel trailers, motorhomes, campervans, sleepers, and travel trailers. Sometimes making a decision can be confusing, but we are here to help. We can recommend the right 5th wheel hitch for your rig to get you traveling in style. So, visit us online today to get the supplies you need for your travels!

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