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Everything You Need to Know About X-Ray Film Viewer

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With time, medical imaging has led to developments in the diagnosis as well as treatment of several medical conditions in both adults as well as children. An X ray film viewer is mainly designed to view X-ray films for different medical purposes like E.N.T, dental X-ray, orthopedic X-ray films, and many more. 

It is often considered the most valuable medical tool for a wide variety of examinations. An X-ray film viewer is considered as an illuminating apparatus for successfully observing a wide variety of radiographs. 

Although, this device is mainly found in hospital radiology departments but due to its high performance it is also found in the offices of specialists as well as general practitioners. 

Certain models of this viewer are mainly designed for dental, mammographic as well as other precise use because their X-ray film size standards are completely different. 

Since the viewers come in user-friendly design due to which it is easy to maintain them. If you want to purchase a top-quality X-ray film viewer at a reasonable price then you can visit the online store of Merino International. 

The viewers are known for offering outstanding performance as well as have a long-lasting life. They are widely demanded in the domestic market due to their excellent qualities like power-saving mode, automatic film sensor as well as brightness control mode. 

They come with an ultra-thin design and a thickness of only 35mm. However, you can also find the X-ray film viewer in different specifications as per your varied requirements. 

Features of the X-ray film viewer

  • Ultra-slim

This viewer comes with a specialized technical design due to which the thickness of the entire machine is reduced to 23mm. As a result, it is easy to install, maintain and the overall appearance is also enhanced. 

  • Outstanding material

Both the screen as well as the light route of this device is made from top quality material like acry which ensure improved light transmittance, high performance as well as smooth functioning. 

  • Enhanced durability 

The material used for manufacturing this viewer is of premium quality which ensures its long-lasting life. The LED lamp installed in the device also functions for 9-10 times longer than the CCFL lamp. 

Depending upon the requirement, the brightness of the light can also be adjusted which decreases pressure on your eyes. 

  • High uniformity

There will be no dark spot in the viewing area because the uniformity is even more than 95%.  

  • Automatic film sensor mode

The viewer starts working automatically the moment film is inserted and turn off within 5 seconds as soon the films are taken out. 

  • Close time function

When used for more than 1 hour, the viewer shuts down and starts working again if the new films are inserted and you start the machine again. This further helps in saving energy and also ensures the long life of the device. 

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