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Essentials You Must Know About Taxi Insurance

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Driving taxi is a tough career choice, though. It need not only a vehicle and the knowledge, but it requires you to have the right insurance too. If you don’t get it right, you can be off the road before you even get into gear. So, if you are getting everything right as well as saving money on your insurance premium, we have put together some points about taxi insurance.

Taxi Insurance and Your Legal Obligations:

Take a start with the rule of law. Like any other vehicle being driven on the UK roads, your taxi must have vehicle insurance. But it is vital to know that the normal car insurance won’t cover you if you intend to drive your vehicle as a taxi. Carefully read the insurance policy and you will come to know that ordinary car insurance is not liable to cover you for your daily travel. So, you need to talk to your broker either you need public or Private Hire Insurance for your vehicle to drive legally on the road.

Primary and Subcategories

These are the types of ‘Hire and Reward’ service you offer with an influential factor on the type of insurance you want to get. Your insurance broker will help you understand what sort of insurance cover you need to have.

There are two basic types of taxi insurance i.e. public hire and private hire;

Public Hire:

This type of insurance cover is designed for the type of taxis who hail down their passengers directly from the street and accept fares from the passengers at the side of the road. these vehicles do not need to be pre-booked. Hackney carriages and black cabs come in the category of public hire where the drivers pick up passengers without prior arrangement.

Private Hire:

This kind of insurance cover is for the type of taxis who transport passengers who have pre-booked the vehicle through a licensed operator. This sort of insurance coverage does not cover drivers for hailed’ fares or pickups that are not pre-booked. This cover is applicable for the vehicles including chauffeured vehicles, minicabs, limousines as well as corporate pick-ups (such as airports) etc. There are three types of covers for both categories i.e. fully comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft as well as third party only. Some drivers may also require some add-on features such as; breakdown cover, however, these are not required legally.

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