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Edmonton driving lessons

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Edmonton driving lessons

Are you ready to start driving in Edmonton? If you are new to driving, don’t worry and relax! We all have to start somewhere. The first step to getting a full driver’s license is to get your first driving lesson. The coaches at Naveen realize it can be tedious, but we can assure you that all of our driving instructors are friendly, experienced and local. Learning to drive should be a fun and stress-free experience. We want you to do and enjoy driving – you can trust Naveen Driving School and we will get to drive. At Naveen Driving School, we offer driving lessons for novice and experienced drivers throughout Edmonton City, and we go to all Edmonton registration offices such as Edmonton Registration Services, West Side Records, Strathcona Registration, Log Mill Services, Wood Logging, and Side Registration Saifi, River Bend Registration, Armor Registration Office. Naveen is a driving school with a very high success rate.

We are here to help you with your Naveen Edmonton driving test!

We recommend that you call or send a letter to Naveen Driving School at 5400-926-5400 587 and have a short chat with the instructor over the phone so that they can understand your starting point much better. In this way, we may give you more personal advice and plan for the first driving the lesson to give you the best possible start.

We are dedicated to giving you the confidence and skills you need to pass the Edmonton driving test and drive safely on Canadian roads. Taking driving lessons with us will definitely boost your confidence and knowledge of the rules of the road.

Here are some basic tips that we teach in our Class 5 driving lessons in Edmonton.

First Driving Lesson: In your first driving lesson, the driving instructor will assess your driving and teach you the basics of the car, starting procedure, stop procedures, steering techniques, and basic ground rules. This driving lesson may be completed in an empty parking lot.

The second driving lesson: You can repeat the information provided in the first driving lesson if you have difficulty understanding and completing tasks. If everything is good in this driving lesson, you will start driving in residential streets and driving in a way that incorporates the principles learned from the above lessons.

Third Driving Lesson: This driving lesson will cover intersections with traffic lights. You will practice turning left and right at intersections with traffic lights and roundabouts as well.

Fourth driving lesson: This driving lesson will cover everything that was presented in the first three driving lessons in addition to that you will be trained in parallel parking and three points. Parallel parking is a challenge for many drivers, but at Naveen Driving School, we have a very good style that is easy to learn and students can learn Parallel Park in a few minutes.

Fifth Driving Lesson: This driving lesson will cover lane change, return, merger on highways, complex intersections, and a review of all other pre-completed driving tasks.

Once you have completed the above tasks and feel confident enough to take your driving test, you can visit one of the Edmonton registration offices where the test drive will be performed.

Coaches from Naveen suggest taking a test drive in the region you know. In addition to standard driving lessons, we can also take a mock driving test to measure your skills and progress. By following the dummy test, the driving instructor will explain any errors, if any, you have made, and from this point, you can plan a path to fix these errors in order to be ready for the actual driving test in Edmonton.

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