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Ecom Warrior Reviews Tell All! How the Ecom Warrior Academy Changed Lives

by Soft2share.com

The Ecom Warrior Academy is a mentorship program that aims to help entrepreneurs earn thousands of dollars. Founded by Matthew Lepre, its primary goal is to provide both paid and free training to aspiring online store owners.

If you’re thinking of trying this mentoring program, you can make an informed decision by reading these Ecom Warrior reviews and success stories.

Dev: Earned A$5,000 Six Days After Dropshipping Store Launch

What’s great about the Ecom Warrior Academy dropshipping program is that it works right away. This is what 26-year-old Australian Dev discovered when he signed up.

Dev was impressed with the program’s structured, black-and-white program. It consists of eight modules packed with everything you need to know about dropshipping.

In a nutshell, the course covers:

  • The foundations for online success
  • Product research
  • Building an eCommerce website
  • Facebook ads theory and implementation
  • Store automation

Everything else was easy to follow, which was why it was perfect for new entrepreneurs like him. In fact, he built his Shopify site in four to six hours, just a mere 48 hours after starting the program.

More than just mastering the tips and tricks of the trade, Dev owes his successful run to the phenomenal support he received.

Like Dev and other Ecom Warrior Academy students, you too can:

  • Ask anything through the Live Chat option in the member’s area
  • Send unlimited email inquiries
  • Attend daily group mentoring sessions
  • Book 15-minute mentoring calls with Matthew Lepre or other coaches

Ashwin: Ecom Dropshipping Course Led to A$ 140,000 Profit in Less Than Four Months

Even at the tender age of 15, Ashwin was already aspiring to earn a lot. This is why he decided to enroll in the Ecom Warrior Academy dropshipping business program.

The courses designed by Matthew Lepre and Stallon Zayya helped Ashwin make lots of money online. After a mere four months, he was able to earn 140,000 AUD in revenue. Not bad for a teenager!

More than just earning a significant profit, Ashwin’s success led him to live a comfortable life. Just like his mentor Matthew, the Australian native is now a jetsetter spending his free time in lovely places all around the world.

And he has not even turned 18 yet!

Don: Ecom Warrior Academy Program Led to a $3,000 Profit in a Few Days

Ecom Warrior Academy was not Don’s first eCommerce training. He enrolled in two other training programs apart from another mentorship program. None of these helped him earn money the way Matthew Lepre did.

According to Don’s Ecom Warrior Academy Review, the course exceeded his expectations. There’s Stallon’s and Matthew Lepre’s experience, meaning they have become authorities when it comes to the online business model.

The training promises good results, which you could easily replicate. If you need something to be reiterated or cleared up, the coaches will devote some time to explain it to you.

The two are also very responsive. In Don’s experience, they were quick to reply to his text inquiries. As mentioned, you can easily book a 15-minute affiliate session if you need one.

More importantly, these coaches treat current and former students like family. If there’s anything you need to figure out about your business, Matthew and Stallon are just a call away!

Max: Earned A$4,000 With the Ecom Warrior Mentoring Program

Twenty-year-old Melbourne native Max, like any other affiliate, had no experience with the online business model. But with Matthew Lepre’s help, he got to earn A$4,000 in sales after only a few days.

Max’s dropshipping triumph was made possible by Matt’s training courses, specifically the module on running an eCommerce store properly.

Here, he learned helpful tips on:

  • Purchasing a domain
  • Having a professional logo
  • Setting up a Shopify website
  • Customizing themes
  • Importing products
  • Setting up the price of every product
  • Writing item descriptions
  • Uploading the right photos
  • Creating social media pages
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Starting a Paypal Account

Another module that helped Max is the one on implementing a successful Facebook Ads campaign. Here, he learned more about writing an effective strategy and executing a profitable campaign.

The training video also helped him customize his social pages, essentially helping him earn free traffic from these hubs.

Not only did Max get access to insider industry knowledge, but he also received them promptly. This is why he managed to grow his eCommerce business in just a short period.

As you see, Ecom Warrior Academy is not a scam. These reviews show that it’s a legit course for people who want to grow their online businesses.

So, if you want to master branding, shipping, and many other eCommerce tactics that will boost your online business, you better sign up for this course today.

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