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Digital India Campaign: Discussion

by Soft2share.com

It is the time for digital transformation and India is transforming itself with gradual changes constantly. Gone are the days when all essential services were delivered through offline channels. Today we have accepted the digital change and have adopted latest techniques/equipment’s that are helping us in terms of saving time and finding out the solutions efficiently.


In order to consolidate the grip further, Indian Government has launched Digital India campaign that solely aims at building digital infrastructure and providing essential digital services across the country. Here we will be reviewing some of the changes that are a part of D-India initiative.

What Digital India Covers and how is to going to affect life

As the name suggests, Digital India aims at spreading basic digital services throughout the nation. In order to do so, Government will first build strong digital infrastructure and then will provide digital literacy across the country. Remote areas will be connected with internet connections and youth will be trained to use essential services (mainly e-services) efficiently. So far we have seen good transformations in existing services and some new technologies/services getting launched under D-India as well.

Services like UIDAI, PAN Card, Passport, Birth Certificates in India etc have undergone a radical change. IRCTC capacity is increased to accommodate nearly double users than before. Session timeout/logout errors have reduced also. Getting Passport quickly is possible with latest schemes now. UIDAI Number (also known as Aadhar Number) is getting linked with bank accounts to transfer subsidies directly to bank accounts and thus curbing money hoarders and black money. Things are going great as far as the transformations to existing e-services are concerned.

Now let we talk about new initiatives/technologies that are launched under Digital India mission.


DigiLocker is a cloud storage medium that can be compared with rivals like Google Drive, Drop Box etc. For now DigiLocker comes with 1 GB free storage space that can be used to store all important documents, cards and degree certificates. It can be linked with UIDAI number that enhances its security to next level. Cracking down the security layers of DigiLocker is not a simple task and you can store/upload all your important documents to DL without any hesitation.


This platform can be used to provide valuable suggestions to top officials. Your suggestions will be acted upon depending upon the caliber and scope. If you think you have a valid point that can be beneficial for mass then drop down your suggestions at myGov and rest assured about actions take place on basis of them.


In order to track in/out time of government employees, officials have started eAttendance system which will track attendance records of employees on real time basis.

This is all about Digital India campaign. Do let us know your views about it.

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