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Dad Dropped His Phone…Again

by Soft2share.com

Back in 2014, my parents got their very first iPhones. My mom made a smart decision and decided to invest in one of those big, bulky all-encasing phone covers. She still uses it to this day and has never had any issues with a cracked screen or broken phone parts. And yes, she still has the same phone too. Your regular old iPhone 4; works great for her, text enlarged, everything in tact. My dad on the other hand…not so much. I can’t tell you the number of times he’s had to get his screen replaced. He refuses to buy one of those flat screen protectors and initially didn’t want to use a phone case either. He’s spent hundreds of dollars getting his screen replaced over and over again.

The last time he dropped his iPhone, my brother saw what it looked like, decided it was beyond repair, and gave him his “old” iPhone 7 Plus as a “gift” seeing as how he has just gotten the new X. It took some time for my dad to get used to the new format, his rage increased with each button he pressed, but over time he got the hang of it and even purchases a new iPhone 7 Plus phone case to prevent his screen from cracking yet again. However, there seems to be some bad luck hanging over his head because, yet again, he’s dropped his phone and his screen has cracked. Maybe it’s time to for dad to put away iPhones for good and return back to the age-old flip-phones that were ever so famous when they first came out on the market. Unlikely, but a thought to be had for sure.

With this new iPhone 7 Plus, screen repairs or no cheaper than they were with his old phone. Constantly having to replace his screen is making a huge dent in his wallet and my mother isn’t too happy it. iPhones aren’t cheap to begin with and with repairs needing to be made more than once a year, my dad needs to start looking into alternative options. One great example for iPhone and other device parts is iDemiGods. iDemiGods is a parts supplier for devices all around the world. Whether you need iPhone 1st Gen Parts or iPhone 7 Plus Parts like my dad over here, iDemiGods has everything you need to keep your phone both working and looking like new.

What’s even better than having a one-stop shop for all your replacement parts needs is having these replacement parts available at affordable prices. You may know as well as I do how expensive these parts can be. My dad sure knows and it definitely seems to be getting to him – I won’t even mention what my mother thinks of it. However, with a parts supplier like iDemiGods available at all hours of the day for all your iPhone and other device needs, no needs to worry about waiting for the store to be open or lines to be short in order to get your repairs done. All you need to do is head on over to their website, check out their vast selection of products, pick what you need, head to checkout, and bam! It’s on the way.

If you like the sound of this, feel free to browse through our website and see all the iPhone 7 Plus Parts and more we have available for you! Or contact us today and let our excellent customer service representatives help you find exactly what you need to replace your broken parts!

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