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15 Crucial Features Must include While Develop an eCommerce App

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Are you planning to develop an eCommerce app for your business? If so, there are some essential features which your app must have so that you can connect more effectively with your targeted audiences.

Ensure your eCommerce mobile app has these 15 features to improve user experience and boost ecommerce revenue.

A Simple Registration Process:

Registering process on the eCommerce mobile application should be simple and have the least possible steps. To achieve this, you can use provide an option for register through an email account, phone number as well as directly through the social media of your customers.

The Mobile App Should Open Faster:

One of the things that irritate any user is the slow response time of a mobile app. Hence, you need to develop an eCommerce app in such a way that it has a minimum loading time. If your app has several features, then make sure that they also respond quickly.

Cool Contents:

Any eCommerce app is only as good as its content. During the eCommerce mobile app development process, you should focus on providing relevant materials which are both entertaining as well as engaging in nature. You can use small video clips, images as well as animations to give more information about the products that you’re selling on your mobile e-commerce app.

Advanced Search Option:

Usually, eCommerce apps have thousands of products listed across numerous categories. with the help of advanced filter, Users can easily find their favourite products without any hassle. the app must offer advanced search options along with precise filters.

During the e-commerce application development process, you must focus on the easy accessibility of information regarding different contents that you’re selling through your mobile e-commerce app. An advanced search button with the appropriate filters will go a long way in assisting the viewer in sorting out what they are looking for in double quick time.

Bookmark Option:

Your Mobile e-commerce app should have a bookmark option. This feature will allow the viewer to bookmark their favourite product while browsing through the eCommerce app which he/she can revert to later.

Push Notification to Grab Attention:

If you want to promote some new product or inform your customers about any offer in your app store, then push notification a great method to do it. It will help you to persuade your audience and help them make up their mind for immediate action. Researchers found out that push notification gets more responses from the customers compared to emails.

Feedback Option:

To improve the services of your eCommerce mobile app, you will need an honest feedback system. A feedback feature in your app will help you to iron out those problem areas that are hindering your effort to provide a great user experience to your customers.

Quick & Easy Checkout:

This is one of the most important features that should get primacy when you develop an eCommerce app. Your app should use the information already provided in the profile of the app user to auto-fill the billing and shipping address. Make sure that the checkout process is straightforward and the users need minimum time to complete the buying process.

Different Payment Mode:

You should try to provide numerous payment option as possible. It will allow more and more customers to conduct their business transaction through the app.

If you do not provide multiple payment options and the customer who wants to buy something through your eCommerce app does not find the payment mode that he/she usually uses, then he/she will leave your app. This will have a negative impact on your sales figure.

Powerful Analytics:

As a business, you should always test your strategies periodically. This will give you an idea of whether they need further tweaking to provide you with better results. To do this, you must have the data about the buying habits of your app users and also powerful analytics to make sense of the raw data. An analytic software integrated with your eCommerce app will help you to figure out how successful are your plans and even the marketing model you have adopted.

Offline capabilities:

The app should have some offline features. If there is no offline feature, then the app becomes utterly useless in places where the wireless signal is not reliable. You should always try to include content in your app that does not depend on the Internet so that your customer gets a positive experience thereby improving your brand loyalty.

Custom Branding:

The eCommerce app that you want to adopt for your business should allow you to build the brand of your business. It should have customization features that will enable you to create brand logos, design product listing as well as simpler checkout options.

Social Media Integration:

An eCommerce mobile app development that comes with social media integration allows you to market your products more effectively and also allow your customers to register themselves more simply.

Synchronized with the Website:

You should always sync your eCommerce mobile application with your website. This will reduce your workload a great deal. If you make any change in your site it will get reflected in your app and you don’t have to do the same thing all over again there.

Live Chat Support:

Live chat is an excellent way to persuade a customer to buy a product from your App. The live chat option will allow the user to communicate with the store representative or leave a message. The chat option will allow the customers to pose their queries directly to the store representative. It has been observed that this feature helped in improving the conversion rate significantly.


These top 15 features for ecommerce mobile apps are the key to enhancing customer experience which in turn promotes to online business success. Moreover, Your app ought to reflect these powerful features that make the user experience seamless, likeable and enjoyable.

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