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How Do I Convert .olm files to .pst format with Attachments ?

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Do you want to import OLM files to Outlook PST file ? Also, are you trying to view your .olm files in PST format ? But confused how do I convert .olm files to .pst ? If you are looking for a reliable method that transfer your bulk of OLM files into PST folder, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, readers will find one of the best solutions that will help you move the OLM file to PST file format.

Sometimes, users switch from Mac platform to Windows, both the operating system has a different compatibility factor. One of the most tedious things is to convert .olm files store on the Mac mail system to Windows System. Therefore, it requires the conversion of OLM mail to PST file. Consequently, in this easy and quick guide, we will analyze how to import an .olm extension file to Outlook PST mailbox. Now, let’s start with a user query through which a user can fully understand the condition.

Corporate User Query

I’ve been looking for a simple method that converts the Mac Outlook OLM file to PST. I tried it manually, but its result is an error. With this, I was able to share only a few files and it is a long process also there is chances of data loss. So I have decided for importing .olm files into PST mailbox. Is there a viable solution that move my bulk of OLM file into PST Mail? If someone has done it, please provide me.

Reasons to Export Mac Outlook 2019, 2016 to PST

There are so many reasons why users switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. The reasons depend on the user’s requirements. Some of the possible reasons are explained in the following section. So let’s have a look once:

Changing of Organization: case of change of organization, a user has to transfer all their data from one system to another, such as Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

Upgrading Computer: Sometimes, while upgrading to a new system, the migration from OST to PST is required.

Permanently Switching: Permanently change from Mac to Windows requires data transfer from OLM to PST.

How Do I Convert .olm to .pst file ?

The number of applications available that import OLM files to PST. Here, we recommend one of the best programs, titled OLM to PST Converter for Windows OS. This tool is designed to convert OLM data items to PST format. In addition, the user interface is very simple and easy. Although no technical knowledge is required to run the application, a novice person can effortlessly use the software. Furthermore, the application provides many robust features, the main ones are listed below:

  • Convert Outlook Mac OLM files to PST format
  • The tool can transfer unlimited OLM to PST files
  • Supports batch conversion of OLM file to PST
  • Migrate large OLM files along with attachment
  • Provide various file naming conventions

Steps to Import OLM File into PST Mailbox

  • Download and Run the software on your system.
  • Select OLM files / folders that you want to transfer.
  • Choose the PST as Saving format.
  • Click on Next tab to start the conversion process.

Manual Method to Transfer OLM to PST Format

  • First, you have to create an IMAP account for which you can use Gmail
  • Now, configure Outlook for Mac with this IMAP account
  • Create Gmail tag so you can effortlessly sync it with Mac Outlook
  • After that, move all email messages and other data into the IMAP folder
  • In Last, you must transfer the whole IMAP folder database to Outlook Windows

Note: Make backup of your OLM data files before using this manual approach to avoid the risk of data loss.

Limitations of Manual Method to Migrate OLM File to PST Format

There are several restrictions associated with the manual approach. Some of them are given below:

  1. It is a very long procedure, so there are chances that the user skips some steps. At the end there is no conversion between the OLM file to PST.
  2. If the file is damaged when importing and exporting, the user may lose data.
  3. The user must export the data from the Mac mailbox to Windows Outlook.


The above blog post deals with the query of How Do I Convert OLM to PST File. In the upcoming section we discussed all the possible ways of converting OLM file to PST file have been discussed. Here we mentioned both manual and third party solution. A user can choose any method depending on their preference. Therefore, if the user wants a quick solution to the problem, then the third party tool is the ideal step to follow.

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