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Comprehensive Knowhow to Manual article writing

by Soft2share.com

Most people think that writing an article is just about putting a set of words in a paper, but they tend to fail to understand the effort a writer has to put in order to produce a premium quality article. Articles are written for various purposes, for example, if a company wants to promote its products or business. It is necessary that the content provides value to the customer by giving resourceful information.

It is a writer’s responsibility to make sure the articles are of high-quality and original content. High-quality content should always be unique and relevant to the reader. A content writer should always find an “angle” which gives the content a new perspective and keep the reader’s curiosity disrupted, while the content should also be interesting and fun to read. It is necessary that a writer works according to a layout for Manual article writing. A good article will always include an introduction at the start, a body with relatable and relevant information, and an appropriate ending.

How to write the “perfect article”?

  • Know what you want to write about.

It is important that you know what you want to include in your article. Article writing would be a hard task if you are unsure about where you want to take your article and to whom you are writing it.  It is also important that you understand the topic well and figure out the important points that you should include and exclude.

For example,if a company wants you to write about one of its new products, what you should include is information about the product and its advantages and not about the company’s sales information.

  • Research the topic thoroughly

Refer articles that were previously written under the topic you have chosen.This is just to get an idea about your topic and make sure you don’t end up rewriting the same information in these articles. Use them only for reference purposes to gain knowledge and produce a unique article of your own.

Taking the previously stated example, find if there are any articles previously written about the product. Research about how many articles have been written for a particular product and go through these articles and finally create our own unique content.

  • No distractions. Be focused!

While writing articles, writers often tend to distract from the topic and finally end up adding information that is totally irrelevant. Have a clear mindstay focused. After all, you can’t disappoint your readers.

For example, if you are to write about the product’s information and its uses or advantages it is important to stick that criteria and not stuff your article with other unnecessary details.

  • Read your article, be the reader!

As you are done with your writing, now, it is time to read your content in a reader’s perspective. By doing this you will be able to identify your mistakes and find out if you have fulfilled the expectations of a reader. This is where you can correct your content.

Afterproofreading,you can make your article presentable and interesting. An article should be a treat for the reader,just pointing out details and information will make the reader feel boring. Being informative and original,an article should also be exciting wherever possible.

How to make your article fun to read?

  • Be interested in your topic!

The simplest way to make your article interest is to be interested in what you are writing. Engage yourself in the writing by making it more lively. This will help you to infuse some enthusiasm into your words.

  • Include appealing details. Be creative!

Without simply sticking to the boring details and talking about the dry subject matter try to find out fascinating facts you can add to your writing.

  • Write in the active voice

It is an old trick in the book. Writing in active voice rather than passive voice will automatically attract your reader and make your article more interesting to read.

  • Add your point of view

Rather than mentioning only about other peoples’ opinions and views interact with the readers by adding your point of view to the related subject wherever possible. This will help you to add originality to your work.

  • Avoid repetitive phrases and words

Take note that you don’t make your article boring by adding the same set of words everywhere in your article. Add variety to your writing, play with the words and flaunt your writing skills to produce some good writing.

  • Think about the readers. Be fair!

Your article will be read by different categories of people. Make sure you not to stuff your writing with complex words. Write your article in a way a person can leisurely read and understand what to actually want to convey through your writing. Use figurative language where you can explain a difficult concept by comparing it with something else.

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