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Cloud Computing – Being on it and Staying Updated

by Soft2share.com

Cloud computing and storage has become a favorite of many internet users, and it has been found that nearly 70% of internet users are actively engaging in or have previously engaged in cloud storage or computing. It is used in many ways by internet users; email storage, photo uploading, file storage and backup solutions, or any other type of remote storage process can be considered cloud storage or computing by the general population. Cloud storage is far from a new conception, as it was utilized the moment email providers opened their doors to users and the emails they stored. Cloud computing and storage is an interesting concept, and it is constantly evolving to offer new features, benefits, and more cost effective solutions to computing and storage.


Going A Little Deeper Into the Meaning of Cloud Computing/Storage and Its Evolution

As for the true meaning of the term “cloud” (regarding computing or storing), it is the process in which internet users are allowed to access to computing resources that is a shared pool over an open network. These computing resources may be servers, applications, or alternative storage devices. It is usually an open or public solution to different needs, where the entirety of the computation process or storage is held or hosted online. You may be aware of several websites who use these services, such as any online software program, or even social networking sites such as Facebook (which hold data such as videos, pictures, or text entries on their own servers). This is why many internet users are considered users of cloud storage or computing; as even the lightest user of the internet usually owns an email account, or social networking account. Cloud technologies are constantly evolving, to suit the needs of their users. One of the latest innovation when it comes to strengthening security over cloud is introduction of Hybrid cloud storage encryption where users can define their own encryption keys giving them full control over their data no matter where they are. Even Google applications utilize cloud technology, for both storage and computing. One of these examples would be Google Analytics, which many website owners or webmasters are familiar with. By hosting computing processes online, the user does not need to store as much information on their hard drive, saving them much needed memory. Many software designers are using cloud technology to host programs online, so that users only need to buy a license key in order to have access to the program.

The Many Benefits Of Cloud Technology

One important benefit of cloud technology (especially storage solutions) is that the data is usually stored on third party servers. This means that users do not need to invest in storage devices for the data. This could be anything from a flash drive to a secondary hard drive for a computer. The mobility of cloud services means that users can access the necessary program or storage company from almost any computer, without the need to download any necessary programs. The collaboration benefits are also incredibly powerful, allowing many users to access the different cloud technologies available at once; meaning businesses can handle projects or assignments quickly and smoothly with each employee in sync with the network. Increased storage is of course a benefit worth mentioning, as the storage capacity of the available servers far exceeds that which is usually available to every day internet users. There are many more benefits to cloud storage and computing, as the technology evolves with every passing day.
This post is written by our guest author. He writes on the behalf of Egnyte.com, one of the leaders in online and cloud storage.

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