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Can you pass the Alberta test?

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Can you pass the Alberta test?

Edmonton’s Naveen Driving School is just around the corner. How much do you know about Alberta driving laws? Here is your chance to test your knowledge!

Driving – whether you are in a car, truck, motorbike or motorbike – it’s all about safety, placement, timing, and cooperation. Although cars and trucks have more safety features than motorcycles and scooters, you should always have smart ones to ensure you are in the right place at the right time while working with the cars around you.

Cars and light trucks

Alberta has a graduated licensing system. As you gain experience, you will maintain different categories of licenses.

A driver’s license can affect your employment options. For example, if you want to operate a car regularly – whether it’s in your car or at your employer – then you need to get a Class 4 license. However, if it is accidental or accidental and you are compensated for your service, you are not Need service.

Test question: When do you need Air Brake Authentication, and what message does your license mark represent certification?

Answer: If you are going to operate a vehicle with an air brake system or a group of air brakes and hydraulic brakes, you will need to pass an accredited course in Alberta. Your license will be marked with a “Q”. Taking a pneumatic brake cycle is not necessary for everyone since most passenger cars have hydraulic brakes. Air brakes are used for agricultural vehicles and some trucks.

Traffic control signals

When you approach a solid red light, and you are the first vehicle in the lane, you must stop before the cross lane or the stopping line. If there are no signs of where you should stop, it should stop before the intersection.

You can also turn right when stopping at a red light unless there is a sign to indicate otherwise and you are blocked by traffic.

Test question: While taking your driving test in Edmonton, are you allowed to turn left while stopping at a solid red light?

Answer: Yes, but only if it stops completely – before the lane/stop – and intends to move to a one-way street while you are on a one-way street. Once you surrender to traffic, you can spin.

When completely stopping at an intersection like the second or more cars in the lane, you should keep 8-10 feet from the vehicle in front of you. This translates to seeing other car tires on the floor.

Remember: When you stop at the red light, it is not a good practice to relax and remove your hands from the wheel. You may need to act quickly, so put your hands on the wheel when starting the car.

A solid green light may mean that you can enter the intersection or turn, but you must verify that there are no pedestrians or incoming traffic, such as an ambulance, before carrying you.

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