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Bright, Effective LED Emergency Dash Lights and More

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In emergency situations, bright lights are everything. They are the difference between being able to clearly see everything in low light and missing important pieces of information because there wasn’t enough lighting. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we want to make sure that everything that needs to be seen is seen. That is why we offer a wide variety of bright LED lights for your vehicle from Emergency Dash Lights to visor lights, strobe lights, grill lights and more.

Whether you are an emergency personnel or a roadside worker, lighting is essential to getting your job done safely. Roadside workers, for example, are in danger simply because they are working on the side of the road. Cars are constantly driving past, and probably not paying as much attention as they should be to those hard working men and women. They can be working during the day or, in emergency situations, might have to work during early morning or late evening hours. These are the times of day in which having effective and bright lighting is essential. One, it allows for road workers to be able to see properly with clear lighting, and two, it lets other road users know that there is roadside work going on and to slow down and drive carefully.

For emergency personnel, bright LED warning lights are necessary for the job. Every emergency vehicle should be equipped with the proper emergency vehicle lights so that, when an emergency happens, they have a way of letting other road users know that they need to get somewhere and they need to get there fast. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we have warning light bars in all sizes to easily attach to your vehicle. Most of the lights available on our website come with both 180-degree and 40-degree light spread optics. 40-degree optics give a narrow view and allows you to be seen farther down the road ahead of you. 180-degree optics offer a wider light spread for up close, all around the light.

For those who use their personal vehicles, Ultra Bright Lightz has hide-a-way lights and strobes that can be easily mounted when needed and hidden away when not in use. We also offer controllers, sirens, flashers and more so that you can be sure you are using everything possible that could get you to any emergency situation quickly and safely. We also have traffic advisors available on our website in both single color and dual color. Shaped like an arrow, these traffic advisors can assist in getting road users to move into lanes that are further away from any roadside work or accidents.

Whether you need LED police light bars, LED light bars for your tow truck, or other LED work lights, Ultra Bright Lightz has all of that and more. Visit our website to see everything we have to offer and get in on our Pre-Black Friday Sale to get great deal on high quality LED lights. We have a $9.99 flat rate shipping with 30-day return policy on all of the thousands of products we have in stock. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we know what it means to provide emergency personnel with the proper tools they need to safely and effectively do their jobs, and we are happy to help be a part of that.

For more information about Ultra Bright Lightz and the products we carry, give us a call at 1-888-562-5125 or email us at info@ultrabrightlightz.com. We are also happy to accept and encourage bulk orders from different government departments. Simply fill out a form on our ‘Gov’t/Dept Orders’ page, once accepted, you can fax or email your purchase order. For any sales questions, please contact our sales department at sales@ultrabrightlightz.com.

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