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Blogging for your online business

by Soft2share.com

Your online business can grow in multiple ways, and all it requires is effort and time. You can cut some of the monetary strain of online business promotion though by blogging. Now, for the uninitiated, blogging may seem like the realm of individuals giving their thoughts on a range of subjects. And in some ways, that’s how blogs that promote businesses work too, as they can have a personal onus and be more about your ideas and opinions, but written as a front for your business.


For some though, a business-centred blog is a more appropriate venture. This is a type of blog that is more about the business world itself, and contains posts that focus on products or services and is used to communicate with those interested in the business or sector. One goal of a business blog is to share information and expertise that you have built up about your sector, so that readers begin to turn to your blog for insight and develop a relationship with your online business as a result.

An advantage of blogs as a promotion tool is that they are simple to begin with. It’s easy enough to access blog creation tools, and after a little experimentation, you’ll be in a position to post when you want in a blog format you want it to be in. Useful basic tools include WordPress – which allows you to host your blog and gives you features through its dashboard – and Delicious, which lets you bookmark sites for you to refer back to later. Once your blog is running, utilise Google Analytics to work out how your site is doing and PollDaddy to set up polls that provide potential for interaction between you and your readers.

If you’re running an ecommerce website, you may want to include your thoughts on the latest developments within your sector, news items and links, sneak previews on new products or information about promotions your business is running. It’s fine also to include the occasional personal post that has little to do with your business; essentially, you want to build and retain a readership, and if people are entertained by your posts, whether they’re about the phone you bought yesterday or your experiences with top ecommerce software, then they’ll carry on reading.

A strong readership means that more people are exposed to your products and services. Through the placing of links to what you sell, you’ll hopefully be able to drive traffic towards your business website where sales are made. The relationships you build with readers are as equally important, since this is one way you can develop consumer loyalty.

A blog allows you to have a substantial web presence, even before your website is ready, or if you only have a small online business. It can also be used as an alternative to creating an expensive website that requires a web designer’s help.


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