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Best Easy Way To Get Paid For Your Content | ClickASnap Review

by Soft2share.com

One click will find you millions of images available across the internet, but you cannot experience the best from the image search engine. Image-sharing sites have replaced search engines long back because they don’t offer plenty of features that we seek in a service. If you are a creator then you would know the meaning of credits. Allow us to introduce ClickASnap who is defining image sharing site concept.

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is an image-sharing site similar to the competition, but they have introduced to the world with unique functions. The founders decided to add one missing part, and that is respecting the user’s privacy and income. We will get to that part later on, and we have covered important points about the image-sharing site. ClickASnap is growing at a tremendous rate, and they are getting two million views per day. Let us dive deeper into why modern uses are switching to this new image-sharing site.

Unique Income Model

The founders decided to add an income model for creators, who are passionate and professional about it. Unlike the competition, they are going to use your creative process to get their own gains and that is why the income model exists in the system.

There are two ways you can generate money from the digital platform.

However, you won’t understand how this works until or unless you comprehend the concept itself. Let me take you through the concept and its features and then introduces you to the business model.

Full-fledged Image-sharing Site

Do not get confused because ClickASnap is an image-sharing site, where you can create a free account and start checking out the art and photos uploaded by the community.

You don’t have to pay a single penny to create a free account and start uploading images on the platform. Make sure to have a valid email address and create an account with ClickASnap.

Social Media Engagement

The site itself is all about (image) social media platforms, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you have engagement functions.

You can view all uploaded images on the site and leave a comment to appreciate the view.

The heart (Like) button will melt the creator and encourage them to continue the passion.

You don’t have to open the profile to follow the creator because you the option to follow from the posting page itself.

The post page contains quick information such as the number of total likes, views, followers, and uploads.

Overall, this is an image-sharing social media platform, so it is more than what you think it is.

Transparent Platform

There is a saying in the community that goes something like this, “privacy is a myth”, which is less true in 2021.

Your privacy depends on the products and services you are associated with it.

You can read everything related to your data on the privacy policy page.

The company added paid plans to sustain the business, and that’s how you know they will protect your data.

All paid plans have benefits and it plays a vital role in unlocking the “income model” as well.

How to make money from ClickASnap?

Now that you have concept knowledge then you are ready to find out how to make money from it.


ClickASnap will pay you 0.40¢ per view. Yes, you read right, the site will pay you per view on the uploaded images as long as it’s there.

However, you have to subscribe to an ad-free £2 per month package. Or else, you cannot unlock this feature, and the minimum payout is $15.

Sell Images as Products:

You can place images in the marketplace and sell them at your decided price. The two million views are what ClickASnap is hitting each day, so there is a huge audience you can showcase the work.

Users have to subscribe to the seller package for £4 per month.

Bottom Line

Apart from the income model, the founders took on an initiate to copyright the uploaded images. The copyright methods will prevent the users from snapping it and posting it somewhere else. The watermark-less technology is available in the Pro Seller package. If you are a free user, then they have implemented a code that will blur the window, when someone tries to take a snap. ClickASnap is moving towards the future, where the creators are respected for the work and make a decent income out of the creative uploads.

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