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Best Drill Mills for Sale at Online Carbide

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Machinists and many others in the machining world know how valuable a good Drill Mill can be. Online Carbide manufactures and has the best Drill Mills For Sale on the internet.

Two Jobs for One Tool

Drill Mills can be used for more than just drilling a hole. They can be used on CNC machines to cut holes, slots, and do profiling and beveling on metal edges and surfaces. Functionally, the Drill Mill (or Mill Drill as some refer to it) is designed to remove material from a workpiece and leave a smooth, even surface.

Online Carbide Makes Their Drill Mill in the USA

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing a high quality Drill Mill, what goes into the raw stock steel of the tool is extremely important. Online Carbide manufactures their tool to the highest standards. Made in the USA means it meets or exceeds industry standards. Online Carbide makes their Drill Mills with 10% Cobalt Micrograin in the steel so the tool lasts longer and performs better than many competitive tools.

Drill Mills For Sale in the Right Sizes

Online Carbide offers their Drill Mills in the following sizes:

  • 2 Flute – 60 degree – Bright Finish
  • 2 Flute – 60 degree – TiALN Finish
  • 2 Flute – 90 degree – Bright Finish
  • 2 Flute – 90 degree – TiALN Finish
  • 4 Flute – 60 degree – Bright Finish
  • 4 Flute – 60 degree – TiALN Finish
  • 4 Flute – 90 degree – Bright Finish
  • 4 Flute – 90 degree – TiALN Finish

The Difference Between Bright and TiALN Finish

Depending upon the type of piecework material being machined, there are two different types of finishes for the Drill Mills for sale at Online Carbide. Bright Finish is a polished surface that lacks a coating material. Bright Finish tools work best on plastics, wood, and some metals. TiALN or Titanium Aluminum Nitride coating extends the life of the cutting edge and allows the tool to be used at higher speeds without chattering.

Excellent Tools at Great Prices

As a manufacturer of high quality tools, Online Carbide knows what their customers are looking for – value. It’s one thing to get a good price on a tool, it is something else to get a tool that does the job well and performs to the highest standard. Many companies offer their tools at discounted prices but the buyer has to beware; the tool may have been manufactured in China or India or some other offshore place where the standards aren’t nearly as high. Getting a good price may end up costing the customer more money than expected because of short tool life and constant tool failure. Not with Online Carbide’s tools.

Factory Direct Prices Save Customers Money and Time

When Online Carbide puts their Drill Mills for sale they know their customers are going to get a great price because they only sell factory direct. By selling factory direct, Online Carbide eliminates the middleman from the cost equation. Some tool distributors can mark up the products they handle by 40% to 50% or more. Name brand tools have expensive marketing and advertising campaigns they build into the price of their products. Not Online Carbide. Lower prices mean customers can afford to order more tools each order, saving time and money.

Other Benefits for Online Carbide Customers

More than just great prices on great products, Online Carbide also offers free shipping on orders over $250. The company also offers discounts for very large orders. Most orders ship the same day. If customers have a question or need additional information on their tool order, they can go to www.onlinecarbide.com and see tool specifications and dimensions. Customer service is also available at 630-238-1424 where customers can speak with a tool specialist who can answer all their questions.

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