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Benefits of consuming coconut fruit

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Coconuts are considered to be a complete food as it’s incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals and calories. It is an all in one food. Adding coconuts to your daily meal provides you will all essential nutrients that your body requires. Since it’s both tasty and nutritious, adding it in your daily diet will keep you healthy. You can choose to have a coconut drink or indulge in some scrumptious cuisines made out of coconut.

Here are the most important health and nutrition benefits of coconut:

Nutritional quotient is high:

Coconut are high in fat where other fruits are high in carbs. It has high protein levels along with several other minerals and with small portions of vitamin B.Since it is also a source of minerals, consuming coconuts helps in many body functions. The high rate of manganese in coconuts helps to keep our bone health and the balance between carbohydrates, proteins and cholesterol. A simple addition of sugar, minerals and bioactive compounds aids digestion. This in turn increases your metabolism rate which helps your body function faster in terms of digestion. The formation of red blood cells is also possible with the increase in consumption of coconut due to richness in copper and iron. It also helps in selenium which is an antioxidant that protects our cells.

Blood sugar levels:

Coconut helps to stabilize blood sugar levels as it is high in fibre and fat and low in carbs. Also it is rich in amino acids, healthy fat and fibre which makes it a great choice to reduce blood sugar levels.

Contains powerful antioxidants:

Antioxidants are essential for body functioning. It help protect cells from oxidative damage and coconut meat does the needful. Presence of phenolic compounds in coconut protects your blood cells. The main phenolic compounds are:

Gallic acid

Caffeic acid

Salicylic acid, and

P-coumaric acid

The antioxidants found in coconut can also prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol which makes it less likely to form plagues in the attire that leads to increase in risk of heart disease. The antioxidants found in coconut oil may help protect cells from damage and death caused by oxidative stress and chemotherapy.

Easy addition to diet:

Coconut adds great flavour to many Indian variety dishes. It is useful for all purposes and is an easy mix up with our everyday diet. It works well with curies, fish stews, rice dishes etcdue to its versatility it works well with sweet and savoury dishes. It’s a great choice for those on low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, or nut-free diets. It is a speciality food and is included in many South Indian dishes.

Coconut is considered to be a high-fat fruit which provides a. Human body with lot of health benefits. A few health benefits that coconut includes is providing you with disease fighting antioxidants, helps to keep blood sugar level in check, and also reduces certain risks for heart disease. You can opt for organic coconut and consume its chunks as an evening snack. Samagri is a coconut chunks international exporter providing high quality food products. You can choose to buy organic fruits and vegetables as well. Samagri offers fresh and dried pomegranate arils exporter and is one of the largest exporter of fruits in India.

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