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Advanced Wound Care Products Sold by MedXcess

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MedXcess specializes in Advanced Wound Care Products. Wound care products for home use can be easily purchased anywhere, but the supplies sold by MedXcess are designed to provide superior quality while being sold at wholesale prices and enhancing the customer’s experience as well as providing superior treatment for patients purchasing these supplies. MedXcess provides patients with a large inventory of high quality products available on an easy-to-use website. The products are easily accessible through a straightforward user interface with clear search options. Customers may shop by category, brand, or keyword. The website and products are created with the patient in mind.

Advanced wound care products aren’t quick fixes, but after long term use of the supplies sold by MedXcess, patients can expect these products to not only satisfy their needs, but exceed them. MedXcess carries a large line of products for advanced wound care. These include dressings, packing strips, povidone-iodine antiseptic swabs, and surgical tape. The wound packing strips and dressings protect the wound in more ways than one. They protect the patient’s wounds by maintaining a sterile environment and are complete with layers of Iodoform, Calcium Alginate, and Chlorhexidine Gluconate, cleaning agents meant to accelerate the healing process by killing bacteria. These products are of the highest quality and are meant to assist in healing the patient’s wounds as well as providing long-lasting protection.

Healthcare and supplies can be expensive, but the advanced wound care products sold by MedXcess are offered at wholesale prices. MedXcess offers a plethora of discounts for all budgets as well. These discounts include 20% off first purchases and discounts on supplies purchased in large quantities. MedXcess provides customers with convenient and high quality products while maintaining prices that are attractive to their customers. These products are sold with the patient in mind.

MedXcess carries an extensive list of name brands that have built a reputation in the home healthcare industry including 3M, Curad, and Biopatch. Patients can access their substantial inventory of top brand products on a user-friendly website. Customer service is even designed to accommodate the individual patients’ needs. The phone number is listed at the top of each page as well as a link to the contact form in the navigation bar of the website. Customers can even contact them by email and through social media. Links can be found at the bottom of the website under “connect with us.”

Founders Dave and Leslie Record, based in Denver, Colorado, are experienced healthcare professionals. They have over 54 years of combined medical experience in Total Joint Reconstruction and Orthopedic/Neurological Spinal care. These specialties can apply to advanced wound care as well as the management and sale of these products because the owners are medical professionals who are familiar with the treatment and care of patients. Their profession allowed them to gain knowledge of the specific needs of patients through firsthand experiences as medical professionals. The main focus is clearly prioritizing patient over profit by offering high quality supplies at affordable prices.

MedXcess is a family-owned business that is knowledgeable of the healthcare industry and the products necessary for patient care. When purchasing products, patients are not only supporting a family business that has its patients best interest in mind by offering wholesale prices, but they are supporting the healing process of their wounds as well. Many of the wound care products available on the MedXcess website contain antiseptic chemical compounds that aid in the healing of wounds by killing bacteria and protecting the wounds. These products will provide more thorough treatment of wounds with longer lasting results. Visit MedXcess online today at Med-Xcess.com for more wound treatment products.

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