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A Winning Team: You and Your Personal Injury Attorney

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When a wreck happens, the damage it can cause to both your physical health and your general well-being can be devastating. You must take action against the at-fault driver if you are to gain adequate compensation, and the best way to get the ball rolling is by hiring a personal injury attorney. This tireless advocate will work to get you the money damages that you need and deserve. Your attorney needs your input, however. No one else but you can truly understand the magnitude of suffering you’ve experienced, and your actions could have a huge impact on your case. Read on to learn more about being a team player with your personal injury attorney.

Don’t Fall for the Recorded Statement Request

You might be surprised at how quickly the at-fault driver’s insurance company contacts you after an accident. Insurance companies greatly dislike having to pay out anything when one of their customers causes a wreck, so it’s in their best interest to act fast and catch you off-guard. They may promise you a nice check if you agree to provide them with some information about the accident. You would be wise not to speak to this other guy’s insurance adjuster, since you may say something that could harm your case. Instead, leave this to your attorney.

Don’t Turn to Social Media

While it may seem natural to post about the accident on Facebook and other social media sites, this too is a big mistake. Your efforts to minimize the effects of the accident to spare your friends and loved ones could end up backfiring on you when your postings get subpoenaed and used against you. Seek support privately, instead.

Get Your Case Started Quickly

Your first attorney meeting is the beginning step down the path to compensation, so be sure to bring your attorney all the information they will need to get started on your case. You should have on hand insurance information for all parties, contact information, the police or accident report, a pay stub or income tax return and a summary of your medical treatments, so far.

If you’ve been hurt due to an another driver’s carelessness, contact us.

Original article from Hogan Injury.

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