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8 specific Features Your iPhone Will Gain With iOS 9

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Apple has updated plenty of stuffs that iOS 9 has brought and it had already presented on Worldwide Developers Conference. But every time it introduces to us a developer release of the operating system and there were more description about the operating system’s features and functions are divulged. iOS 9 will release soon then after you will hear about iOS10 and its belonging in a way of the rumor.


If iOS 9 will lie what you need to know before release then read below some feature which iOS 9 will carry and it will support upcoming iPhones.

  1. Better security

iOS 9 will include more passcode options, and you can  select in what you want to use a four-digit numeric code or a custom six-digit numeric code, or a custom alphanumeric code. So it is upto you what is your preferences.

  1. New video controls

While recording a video, you can toggle the flash on and off. That will be easier or you and that will allow you to change whether the flash is on or off as you proceed, instead of deciding beforehand. There is option in settings app of shortlisting the recording and frame rates. You’ll be able to shoot 720p at 30fps, 1080p at 30fps, and 1080 at 60fps.

  1. Updated Podcasts app

This Podcasts app is revamped with new Mini player, like Apple’s Music app. It gives also department to display you the unplayed podcasts you have along with this you will experience a newly-updated, bolder icon. The app’s layout is also well-tuned with iOS 9, and the download button position will change..

  1. Changes to the Health app

The Health app is having a landscape mode to present the graphs of data. This will have a new “Reproductive Health” section that can track body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results, sexual activity, and spotting. This app is packed with multiple things.

  1. Safari additions

Safari has a very good section that is content blockers. You can also ask for the desktop version of a site from the share sheet in Safari, and the browser also has an iBooks extension that will save a web page as a PDF. Good thing is that Safari’s Reader Mode is now customizable, and you can also select the background color and typeface for the article you are reading.

  1. Handoff and Continuity updates

Handoff is visible in the App Switcher screen with the second beta of iOS 9, while in the first beta, Handoff was not available in the App Switcher. iOS 9 will allow users to pick up a phone call on their Mac or iPad air even if they are not using iPhone.

  1. Better Voice Control

iOS 9 will introduce us improved Voice Control user interface, as Redmond Pie notes. If you are having older version of iOS which does not support Siri, then you can access Voice Control by holding down the home button.

  1. Easier upgrades

This is beneficiary to use the interface that your phone can temporarily delete apps if you do not have sufficient storage. After that, device will automatically reinstall the deleted apps and data after the upgrades done.

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