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7 Ways Technology Can Motivate Employees

by Soft2share.com

One of the most essential components that employers should consider in retaining or enhancing employee motivation is right at the tip of their fingers.
It is the very technology that they utilize everyday in the workplace environment and can be useful in promoting better attitudes and job performance. Of course, one sure fire way to gain employee buy in is to launch a corporate incentive program that rewards success as well as employee competiveness. Here are a few ideas on how to increase employee motivation.

1. Social Media Recognition

You have probably already noticed how your employees react when they work in teams and by utilizing such vehicles like social media to gain and see a significant difference in meeting goals. For instance, the very fact that you announce employee end-of-the month recognition and showcase the winners on your company website and its Facebook and Twitter pages is a definite employee motivator. Personal recognition is always great for positive reinforcement.

2. Update Communication Techniques

Believe it or not, the use of the old style of handing out business cards is not quite as effective as purchasing a handheld scanner. Instead of stuffing business cards into a pocket or purse, the scanner will capture all of the information quickly and can then be transferred to your employees’ computer. This is an effective way to collect and retrieve information.

3. Tablets and i-Pads

For many employees, having to be tied to their desks in order to communicate with fellow employees on work projects is labor intensive. Improve their maneuverability by purchases employee tablets or i-Pads. This will enable them to be more mobile and allow employee teams to meet in or out of the office and still have connectivity to information they need to nail the sell with customers or clients too.

4. Update Computers and Networks

Updating your computers may sound simple but it can become the center of all of your employee’s frustrations if their computers are slow and technologically challenged. If they cannot work efficiently on documents, projects or complete job tasks; overall productivity and revenues will suffer.

5. Cloud Based Sharing

Gone are the days of having to upload valuable information onto your company’s server and then wonder where in the heck it went. Meanwhile your employees are losing valuable work time trying to retrieve it. Make information sharing easier by simply utilizing Cloud-based Sharing. By having your employees use Dropbox or Google Drive they can organize their files, share documents and you can keep track of who is working on what projects.

6. Utilize Productivity Apps

By using productivity software your employees can actually set milestones for job performance and track their progress toward their goals. It is also great for promoting better cooperation between employee teams and allows more organized results. As your employees see improved progress there is a boost of pride which builds workplace productivity and is a great corporate incentive program for overall morale.

7. Apps for Time Management

Employees who want to do their best, may feel they need help on better time management. One way to motivate them to be better at managing their work time is to use an app like RescueTime. It tracks and measures how they allocate their time on meetings, email and other job-related activities.
Consider these morale boosting and excellent corporate incentive program ideas to enhance workplace morale and boost revenue.


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