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7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mobile Phone

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Mobile gaming has evolved into a massive industry with an ever-increasing fan base in recent years. The need for high-performance devices that cater to the growing demand for an immersive gaming experience has led to the development of gaming mobile phones.


With so many options available in the market, choosing the right device can be a daunting task. This gaming phone buying guide aims to provide insights into what factors to consider when purchasing a gaming mobile phone.


Purchasing a Gaming Mobile Phone


When choosing a phone which is best for gaming, you need to consider several crucial factors, as every element of the device works hard to give you a great gaming experience and performance. And when you are a competitive gamer, having high-end gaming mobile phones might be something you want to purchase as these devices have a better performance quality. But if buying an expensive device does not fit your budget right now, don’t worry. Getting it on EMI can be a great help!


Buying a mobile on EMI is a smart way to purchase a high-end gaming device with better specifications and great performance. This helps you spread your monthly costs, doesn’t empty your pocket in one go, and doesn’t curb your plans of buying an excellent gaming device!


Top 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mobile Phone


  1. Processor


The processor is the first and the most critical thing to check when buying a mobile phone for gaming purposes. It is the main element of a phone that determines its performance, so go for an Android phone with a higher processor for better gaming performance.


Further, check the transistor’s size as well. A smaller transistor size can fit more silicone in the chip, reducing battery consumption and faster performance.


  1. Touch Sampling Rate


While a refresh rate display and the processor are important to check, you also need a mobile phone for gaming that has more Hz in its touch sampling rate. This is important to ensure you don’t lose the game when pressing the same button simultaneously as the opponent.


  1. Cooling System


The next important factor in this phone buying guide for gaming is the device’s cooling system. This goes hand-in-hand with the processor because when you are gaming heavy-duty, you’ll need a strong cooling system in the device to make sure that your phone doesn’t overheat.


Today, the improvisations in semiconductors have made it possible to give flagship and midrange phones, even the ones not targeted for gaming, great cooling mechanisms to perform heavy-duty tasks (including gaming) without overheating the device.


  1. RAM and ROM


While ROM (storage) and RAM (memory) are not essential to a gaming mobile phone, it’s still hard to ignore these features when buying a device for playing heavy-duty games. But, instead of the size of the RAM and ROM used in such phones, look for the technology used for faster game loading.


  1. Battery Capacity


It’s a no-brainer that gaming on your mobile phone will consume most of its battery. So, it’s a by-default choice to select a device with a battery of more than 4500mAh to allow you a seamless gaming experience without having to constantly worry about charging your phone. Further, related to mobile batteries, the next thing to consider is the charging speed of your gaming mobile phone. A device that supports fast charging is perfect for gamers as you don’t have to wait hours to get your phone fully charged.


  1. Dedicated Controls, Buttons, and Cooling Pads


Some smartphones have additional buttons that are dedicated to your gaming experience. These keys act as hotkeys and help you perform gaming actions quickly.


Additionally, having dedicated cooling pads in your gaming device is essential, especially if your phone doesn’t have an excellent cooling system of itself. But you can see that nowadays, most gaming mobile phones have a great cooling mechanism, so you don’t have to look for cooling pads.


  1. Game Boosters


Focused more on the software of your gaming device, having a game booster allows you to disable disturbances from the notifications you receive while gaming. Apart from this, each manufacturer has its own features impeded in a game booster. For example, some gaming mobile phones have game boosters with advanced features such as brightness and contrast options, RGB lightning effects, touch-screen pressure calibration, and even vibration intensity.



With the above 7 points in mind, you can now start your hunt. But, do keep in mind another important point – Depending on your preference and gaming activity, looking for a device for gaming with customised game boosters can help in silencing the notification disturbance while clearing the memory for enhanced performance. Keep looking for a gaming device that can help you satisfy your gaming needs.


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