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5 Creative Graduation Gifts You’ll Be Proud To Give

by Soft2share.com

Do you know someone who is graduating this year? Why not give a gift no one will ever forget.

Read here for 5 creative graduation gifts you’ll be proud to give. Your grad will thank you.

1. Luggage

Graduation usually means a new beginning. Many times that new beginning doesn’t start at home. The gift of luggage encourages you grad to spread his/her wings and start their new journey!

We suggest purchasing this gift from an online retailer (especially one that offers free shipping!) and having it sent directly to your grad. Shipping a luggage set yourself can be pricey!

2. First Aid Kit

Everyone needs one! This grad gift is great for high school grads who will be living on their own for the first time.

Hanging pictures and assembling Ikea furniture can sometimes result in an injury or two. Fortunately, they’ll know where the aspirin and the band-aids are, thanks to you.

3. Make a Money Lei

Okay, so this gift requires some creativity and DIY aptitude.

The good news is there are a lot of DIY videos out there to show you how to make one for the grad in your life!

To make a money lei, you’ll need dollars, obviously. $1 bills are fine, but if you want to throw a surprise $10 or $20 dollar bill in there, we’re sure you grad will notice! You’ll also need ribbon, a ruler, scissors, flowers, beads, a paper clip, and tape.

With a little help from your friend the internet, you too can make this impressive and unique grad gift!

4. Buy a Bike

Perfect for getting around in a college town, this gift is great for a high school grad who is headed to college and may not have a car of his or her own yet.

Picking out a bike together can be a great way to make a few more memories before your grad heads off to school. This will also ensure that they get the kind they like. Bonus points if they want the bike with the streamers… we’ve always had a fondness for that kind too.

5. Make an Awesome Gift Certificate

Down to the wire? Make your own certificates to give to your grad! Let your imagination take hold and tailor your gift to the unique interests of your graduate. “Good for one concert ticket” is great for music fans and “Good for one flight home” is perfect for the grad headed to school out of state.

Thinking about what gives your grad joy is a great place to start when picking a gift concept for your gift certificate.

If your grad is heading off to college, think about some of the fun stuff they’ll have to cut out when they’re living on a budget. If they’re leaving college dorms behind? Think about what they may need when moving into an apartment.

Saying goodbye to one chapter of your life and hello to new things can be scary. With your help, you can make it a little easier on your grad (and show them how proud you are of them with these great gifts). Happy gifting!

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