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5 Best Home Automation Companies in India

by Soft2share.com

How wonderful it would be that when you come back from a long tiring day and you find your home at just the right temperature you wanted with appropriate lighting to suit your mood. And while you were gone, you were keeping a check on the security of the house with complete control of the doors and shutters. No, we are not narrating a scene from a sci-fi movie. This is how daily lives will look like in a few years. Or should we say we are almost there already, thanks to the technology of smart home automation

Home automation is the new-age technology that allows its users to manage, control and monitor their homes remotely. This includes aspects like lighting, temperature, entertainment, security, energy consumptions, etc. Home automation uses sensors, controllers, and the internet to manage appliances that control the mentioned aspects. You can keep a check and maintain all these from your smartphone.

Smart homes, i.e., homes equipped with automation technology, are efficient, comfortable, convenient and have higher security. And contrary to popular belief, it does not take a fortune to convert a regular home into a smart home. Several home automation brands offer quick solutions at very reasonable prices. 

Here is our pick on the 5 best home automation companies in India that will completely transform your living experience.

Schneider Electric India

A global leader in home automation and electric equipment, Schneider Electric offers a wide gamut of home automation solutions and services. With Schneider, you can control your home without any fuss with an app on your phone and even with your voice. Their products are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa as well. What’s amazing is that Schneider home automation experts convert your regular home into a smart home in less than 4 hours with no extra wiring. This means that no damage will be done to your interiors at all. Another great advantage is that this all is backed by a robust 24*7 helpline to address and fix any technical issue that may arise. Not to mention, their affordable prices are the cherry on the cake. 


Another popular home automation brand in India is Crabtree. It is owned by Havells India Ltd. IntelliCentre, the special product by Crabtree provides users with the control and management of their homes from anywhere on the earth. Using this can help prevent unauthorised entries in the house, better energy management, and a few other features.


Legrand is a French electrical company with branches and services all over the world, including India. MyHome Arteor by Legrand offers complete customisable profiles for individual rooms. Built using the latest technology, this home automation brand provides the comfort of controlling energy, security and multimedia through a single device.


Another very affordable home automation provider in India is Cubical. They offer an impressive range of products like WiFi touch switches, swing door motor, TV lift motor, curtain motor, etc. The products by Cubical are energy-efficient and high-quality.


Smartify does not manufacture any home automation products. Rather they bring together the best home automation devices from the best global and local companies under one roof. The best thing about Smartify is that they offer customised home automation solutions on request. You can also take a free course on home automation if you place an order with this brand. 

Home automation will soon be an everyday reality owing to its multiple benefits. Users can save energy, reduce costs, and live a comfortable and safer life all at once. If you are looking to upgrade your home, then you can pick from these companies for the best pocket-friendly home automation experience. 

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