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4 Things First Time Visitors Should Discover in UK

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Visiting London can prove overwhelming especially when you are traveling for the first time. You may wonder what to do and which place to visit on your trip. In case you are on a short visit, try to discover places that are dazzling. There are plenty of places to discover in the UK that can offer you amazing views. And if you don’t know about such places, we can help you out.

In order to get most out of your visit, try places that are memorable or less discovered. To make it more joyful, plan your trip well and try to travel on the tube, buses, and boats. You can also avail cheap Manchester to Birmingham Flights while traveling in the UK.

4 Things for First Time Visitors

We have put together 4 beautiful places that you can adore as a first-timer.

London Bridge

First-time visitors can see much more in central London. There are various points for travelers and among those London Bridge is the best. You can easily reach here by tube and bus from any corner of the city. ‘The Shard’ is the tallest building that is prominent in its skyline. You can enjoy an incredible view from 68 to 72 levels and admire the beauty of London city.

‘Old Operating Theatre, Museum’ is an exciting place for people who love to thrill. This the place where operations were perfumed by the surgeons in the 19th century. These operations were performed without any anesthetic. You can also visit the oldest food market in the UK i.e. Borough Market. You can also view other places near London Bridge and over the Thames.

Bodiam Castle

When talked about medieval fortresses, Bodiam Castle is an exceptional example. This 14th-century structure is situated in East Sussex, southeast of London. The castle was not built for strength or power but status. In fact, it is a fortified home built for safety and protection. Sir Edward Dalyngigge got the license for it from Richard II after the 100 Years’ War.

Bodiam Castle has everything that visitors expect to see. From moat to portcullis and battlements and soaring towers, it has got amazing features. In the 16th century, the castle was dismantled when the ‘English Civil War’ spread. Interior castle was destroyed but the outside still presents a view of a fairytale. John Fuller, an art philanthropist, saved it from demolishing in 1829 and paid 3,000 guineas to keep it.

Cerne Abbas

In central Dorset, lies the historic village of Cerne Abbas near the ‘River Cerne’. It has announced as the most desirable village but that’s not the reason why it is so famous. The village is known for its well-endowed and enigmatic Giant that is engraved into the hill. It is unknown who sketched it and when because its origin is unknown.

Plockton, Loch Carron

In case you want to experience Scottish hospitality, Plockton is the place. This is among the most beautiful and attractive places with splendid views. You can admire its small curved harbor that is associated with neatly painted cottages. The main street of Plockton is lined with palm trees and offers a marvelous landscape view. This village is an ideal place for artists and writers to enjoy their stay.

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