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3 reasons adolescents failed to test a class 5 road

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3 reasons adolescents failed to test a class 5 road

Passing the Class 5 Road test is all that stands between your teenager’s freedom and her taxi dependency. About 35% of the applicants fail the first road test. This makes the need for driving education from a reputable driving school more important than ever.

Rick Lang, director of operations for Naveen Driver Education, says he is keen to lead schools that announce very high success rates. “Maybe they only teach the road test level instead of teaching your teenager how to be a safe and confident driver.” Some schools do not cover the challenges drivers face every day, such as traffic departments, one-way streets, mergers, highways, and intersecting intersections. Here are some common areas where new drivers are being lifted while on the road.

1. Not enough time behind the wheel

Becoming a safe and confident driver requires practice – lots of training. Lack of confidence, skill, and control are related to one thing: there is not enough practice to gain minimum experience in everyday driving situations.

If your teenager can’t handle common situations comfortably, like turning left or changing the right path, you’ll lose points on the road test. We recommend students spend at least 50 to 60 hours in traffic to gain experience and confidence to safely handle themselves on the road with other drivers.

2. Unsafe work

There are two sure ways for your teenager to be known to have gone wrong during a road test:

  1. If the examiner has effective control over the vehicle, or tell you how and when to do so.
  2. If they get.

Both are bad and can be the result of unsafe practices behind the wheel, such as inappropriate and dangerous path changes or failure to check incoming traffic before a turn or merge.

3. Transfer of violations

If a teenager breaks the law (he drives your car slightly at the speed limit or stops at a stop sign, for example,), he may fail. No matter how small the violation is, or even if “anyone else is doing it,” the lab has a long list of things to monitor, and each tick in a checkbox may cause the test to fail.

A simple bump in the road

Road testing should not be a scary experience. For the new the well-educated driver who graduated from a reputable driving school and who spent a long time driving behind him, the road test experience is a simple bump on the road to years of safe driving.

Naveen driver education

Our new drivers will teach you to feel safe and confident behind the wheel. Find out more about our driving courses.

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