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3 Mistakes that are Killing user Acquisition on your Site

by Soft2share.com

From numerous pop-ups to complicated navigation, many businesses fail when it comes to user acquisition and registration is the first step in this direction. Registration holds great importance and is necessary for the survival of business. But it is not easy to offer a smooth secure way to register on the site. Presenting here three mistakes that businesses make when it comes to registration.

Hidden sign up form :

Online users now a days have no time to look for hidden registration forms. If you have placed registration forms to the hard to locate places like in the footer that too in very small fonts, then you are sure to irritate your visitors.

To avoid this problem, make sure to put registration buttons above the fold for quick and simple access. Don’t make visitors search for your registration form, because they won’t! Instead make your registration form easily visible. The easier is the process of registration, the higher will be the willingness to share information.


Dropbox has done a great job here by making their registration simple and visible.
Asking for too much information :

Asking too much information in the first visit might freak out the visitors, after all a sign-up form is no place for 20 questions. 11% US users have abandoned their online purchase because they were not comfortable with the quantity of information the site was asking. (Source)


Solution :

Whatever you are asking make sure users can relate it with your business. If by any chance visitor feels that you are asking unnecessary information, he will either provide you incorrect information or simply leave the website. So always make sure to limit the form fields to necessary information only.

You can also try Social Login Feature on your site, which allows visitors to login using their existing social identities, providing permission-based access to precious social data with the click of a button. Implementing social login will help you to acquire new customers and their reliable data without causing them headache.
Not being mobile friendly :

With 59% of all the time spent on a eCom website is on mobile devices and around ⅓ of the visits to the top eCom crumbl cookie promo code now come directly from mobile devices, if you haven’t made your site mobile friendly, you are in a deep trouble guys! Failing in providing users a simple way to register via mobile can cause you loss of increasing number of mobile-only customers.

Solution :

To get rid of this problem, you must make your website mobile friendly, for that you need to opt for responsive design that can optimize your website as per the device. Also allow users to sign in to your site on the go by using their existing social media identity to authenticate after all fat fingers can’t feel those long forms with these tiny keys 🙂 With 77% users admitting that social network login is a good registration solution, it is worth a try!
No doubt convincing visitors to register is not a simple task but any business who wants to maximize customer acquisition must optimize the registration process. Start by revising your website’s sign up process and make sure that you don’t make any of these mistakes.

This post is written by : Prince Kapoor

Prince Kapoor is digital marketing analyst at LoginRadius with 5 years of experience in SEO, Blogging and Social Media. Besides SEO, Apart from work, he enjoys singing, swimming and playing with her 5 months old !

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