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10 Apps that pay you money through PayPal

by Soft2share.com

In a scramble kind of scenario everywhere in this world, there are many cases related to forgery which leads our mind to think of a cashless economy. Thus the world is heading toward a cashless economy where the world can face a minimal amount of forgery related to cash. So it is always better and safer to encourage cashless economy because not only for forgery related issues but also it really helps in increasing ad boosting the GDP of any country’s economy. There are many ways or application by which you can promote a cashless economy in India. One of them in India is PayPal which is really promoting the cashless economy by collaborating with different brands or app that makes the life of PayPal’s customers to have a good and easy life related to a cashless economy.

The top 10 brands which are linked or collaborated with PayPal are listed below. After knowing such brands or company’s collaboration with PayPal it may convince you to get enrolled in PayPal if you aren’t a pre-existing customer of them:

  • Bookmyshow app: it is an app which pre-books the ticket for your movie date before you enter the hall. Everybody is opting for this solution but if you have got PayPal with you then it would be the safest and the easiest way to even get a 100% cashback voucher which is a great deal in all.
  • Myntra: it is the most trending and the most genuine app when it comes to fashionable apparels and clothing so it is a profitable deal if you link your PayPal with your card because it can give you many exciting offers in Myntra as well.
  • Firstory.com: it is India’s biggest online shop related to all the essential of the newborn baby till a grown-up baby till 10 years. So firstory has a collaboration with PayPal as well and if you pay by PayPal you can get many exciting offers on the time of shopping and after shopping as well.
  • Yatra.com: Yatra.com is a multitasking app which can help you pre-book your tickets related to any journey, it may be your flight booking or it may be a any of your hotel bookings thus it massively help you when you are out for any journey. And it is also linked with PayPal services, so if you have PayPal then you need not worry about any of the commodities which might be required when you are out.
  • DailyNinja: DailyNinja is an online delivery which basically delivers all the commodities which are required in daily life like vegetables, grocery essentials, bread, eggs, etc. so this is the most emerging brand which is also linked with PayPal so if you have a PayPal id then you should pay via PayPal only because it will help you avail some discount account related to the purchase.
  • Img.com: it is one of the biggest online medical stores which has every kind of medicine and medicinal products. The delivery is really fast because it is a medicinal online store so the service needs to be fast and precise. This online store is also linked with PayPal so if you are ordering medicine then you should order via and you can easily avail a good amount of discount while ordering.
  • Domino’s Pizza: pizza is every youngsters’ bae so in the evening a maximum number of the youngster, as well as adults, can be found in domino’s eating their favorite pizza. And how about the idea if you avail some extra discount with some extra cheese. This can definitely happen when you have got PayPal with you. Just online pay with PayPal and you can get many exciting offers in domino’s.
  • MedLife: it is the biggest online store for all medicines and medicinal requirement so it has proved to be the biggest online pharmacy in these recent years. It authentically offers many price discount internally only and if you pay with PayPal extra discounts can be offered to you because they have collaboration with PayPal.
  • Foodpanda: Foodpanda is one of the most growing food delivery apps in India which has been serving in all over the nation greatly and they have their reach up to all the parts in India. The services are really fast and the food is also great. In this app also many offers you can avail but if you play with PayPal you can avail some more additional discount.

Lenskart: this app really proved itself to be the leader related to online spectacle and glares store in India. It is one of the finest online store in India that provides the best of their services related to precise lenses in spectacles. So if you want to get some extra discount you can link this app with your PayPal id and that’s it you’ll ready to get some extra discount when you pay via PayPal.

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